Windy Day Wedding Ceremonies – To Hold or Not to Hold

This morning I saw a Facebook post from one of my favorite local wedding officiants who was thankful that the wind isn’t as bad today as it was yesterday.

She had to hold a handheld mic during the ceremony, while trying to hold and control all her papers for the ceremony service.

I placed a lighthearted, joking comment, but it really got me thinking.

See, what she needed yesterday wasn’t necessarily less wind, though that might have been awesome as well!

What would have really helped her experience was working with a DJ that provided better tools for the job, and who had the experience to use them.

As her post suggested, wedding officiants often do more with their hands than juggle papers.  Hand binding ceremonies, holding and handing out rings… These are just a couple.

Their hands shouldn’t have to do these things while juggling a microphone.

A stand isn’t a solution either, because that places a physical barrier and obstruction between her and the couple, who are standing fairly close together.  Stand make interaction more difficult and cumbersome.  And a Mic on a stand between the bride and groom in all your wedding photos…?  You get the idea!

A much better solution for this ceremony would be wireless clip on mics, called lavalier mics.  They are small, discrete, and hands free.

Also, the DJ should always use two of these mics during your ceremony.  One on the officiant, and one on the groom.

Two mics allows your guests to hear the couple as they read or repeat their vows.  Two mics also serves as built in backup if something were to happen to the officiant’s Mic.

Now, in all fairness, some might even say that the DJ in question CHOSE to use the handheld instead of a lav Mic because they are more resistant to ambient wind noise.

While this is true generally speaking, the difference is nothing that can’t be accounted for by using adequate windscreens, Mic placement, and eq on lav mics.

High quality lav mics can be more expensive to invest in, and do have a steeper learning curve to use effectively, but your wedding ceremony deserves that extra investment, and is worth the extra time.

To learn more about how I go above and beyond for my clients, and how I put my experience to use for you on your wedding day, please contact me!

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