When you’re all nerves…

The last thing you need is to worry about your vendors!  Here is a short, sweet, and powerful memoir written by one of my recent brides on her nervousness leading into her wedding day, and right up to the moment she was going to walk down the isle.


What I take from this, that means a lot to me, is actually something very subtle.  The focus of Briana’s thoughts at that moment – when she was getting ready to walk down the isle – was right where it should have been – on her wedding ceremony.  On standing in front of her dearest friends and family, saying her vows to her soon-to-be husband.


She didn’t feel the need to worry about whether or not the DJ she had hired was going to mess something up, play the wrong song, or have some other type of mishap.  I’d like to think that that lack of concern speaks of a certain level of trust and confidence that her & Justin had in their choice, and had developed in the planning process we worked on leading up to and into their big day.  Even if there was some degree of concern that she did not speak of, which would have been very natural, it must have been very fleeting in nature as her ceremony moved forward without a hitch and went just as we had planned.

Briana & Justin were very fun, and sweet, and their families were already joined together well before that awesome celebration.  I’m glad I was able to be a part of it!


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