The Bar at Your Wedding: One Last Call?

As a wedding DJ, I’ll occasionally be asked to give a Last Call for the bar.  Usually the request comes from a well-meaning staff member at a venue.  They ask me to do it because, well, it’s something they’re just “used to doing.”

While it may be convenient for the venue and bar staff, doing a Last Call over the mic can have unintended effects on your celebration.  Unless one is well-versed or experienced in designing, nurturing, and maintaining the flow and continuity of the entertainment portion of special events like weddings, we might not necessarily anticipate what those adverse effects might be.

That’s why it’s so important you work with an experienced team of vendors to help you stage the best reception possible, and to help you get the most out of it right until the very end!

If you’d like to let your guests know when the bar will be closing, consider a nice, simple sign like the one below as an alternative to having your DJ announce the last call over the microphone.

Photo by & courtesy of, Brian Harris Entertainment in Dayton, OH

This has approach has several benefits.

  1. Heads-Up.  It’s let your guests know ahead of time, and early on when the bar will be closing so they can plan accordingly.
  2. Keep your dancefloor FULL! If we think about it, 30 minutes or so prior to closing is when last call usually occurs. But, that’s also when your party is (should be!) at it’s absolute PEAK on the dancefloor. Asking a DJ to make that announcement is really asking them to kill the dancefloor!  Not literally what you’re asking of course, but that is most often an unintended consequence.  Remember as well that those who are the most active on the floor until the very end are usually the ones who are already drinking the most!
  3. Maintains momentum.  Making an announcement for a Last Call will send a large number of folks to the bar at once, causing a line. As a result, it’ll take longer to get everyone refocused, and re-engaged for the last few precious (and memorable, if you’re doing it right) moments of the party.
  4. Safety.  Above all, encouraging or enabling “one last binge” right before closing means that those who probably should have stopped drinking earlier on will be going back for more.  This could result in them, and perhaps others, being put at risk if they get behind the wheel.

From my experience, the best way to close the bar is either with a subtle sign like the one above, or with what’s called a “soft close” where no announcement is made at all, and the bartender just shuts things down naturally and quietly while everyone is working it out on the floor – getting ready to give YOU the ULTIMATE send off!

Isn’t that what the last few moments of the night should be about, after all?


Inspired by the musings of one of my favorite merry-making cohorts, and your best choice for Wedding DJ & MC Entertainment in Dayton, OH and beyond, Brian Harris Entertainment – Thanks, Brian!


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