Set your DJ up for Success!

Often, we might not give too much thought about how or where the DJ will set up at our event, and we might not think that it even makes a real difference. If we’re having an event at a venue that typically has DJ’s perform, then the temptation is great to simply go with the suggestion of the venue when it comes to DJ placement and setup. After all, they do this all the time, right?

When you work with Sounds To Go, we will always go over DJ setup and room layout considerations with you prior-to your event, but there are some easy-to-follow tips that you can use to help ensure that your DJ is able to provide you with the best performance possible, and that you and your guests have the best experience at your event:

DO consult with your DJ prior to your event to get their input on their placement and setup area. Just as your photographer is best-suited to judge the distance, angle & lighting for your pictures, your DJ is the best person to assess their position and setup in any given space depending on the layout, and the equipment needs of your celebration.

DO find out how much room your DJ will need, especially if providing extras like dance lighting, etc.

DO avoid the temptation to just ask your venue staff or coordinator “where the DJ usually goes” and take that recommendation without second thought. In a good number of cases, even in some of the nicer venues, the staff will suggest a layout that they are simply “used to” or that is actually the most convenient for them and their staff, and this is almost never ideal for your DJ, your event as a whole, or your guest’s overall experience.

DO be sure your venue is open to variations in layout and to work with you and your DJ. This is your event, and your celebration is unique to you. We go the extra mile to customize our performance and offerings to give you a custom-experience, and your venue should be able to do the same as long as it doesn’t make it difficult to do their job effectively.

ALWAYS place your DJ as close as possible to the dance floor/area, preferably right on one side of it. You want your DJ as close as possible to the dance floor so when it comes time to “turn it up” for the dancing the volume isn’t any higher than necessary.

NEVER place tables between your DJ and the dance floor/area. Doing this can cause your DJ to have to turn up louder than necessary for dancing and music, and this can be uncomfortable for anyone sitting at these tables, and who might not be dancing – even during regular announcements.

ALWAYS make sure your DJ can see everything in the room from their station/table, and that they have room to freely enter and exit their area from one or both sides without obstruction. Your DJ should be as unobtrusive as possible in the overall landscape, but he/she should have a complete view of all entrances and exists, tables, etc. Remember, your DJ is going to be helping to facilitate things like meal service, pouring for toasts, and your Grand Entrance as well as playing music. To do these things, and to be able to locate and call certain important people forward for special events throughout the night, they must have a clear view of the entire room at all times.

NEVER place your DJ in an area other than where the dancing and the majority of events and announcements will occur throughout the course of your event. This includes places like around corners, outside main doors, outside on a patio, in another room, etc. If your venue or event layout seems to necessitate these kinds of setup scenarios, be sure to start an open dialog with your venue, your DJ, and yourself to see if any alternatives or compromises are possible that would lead to a more optimal setup scenario and a better experience for you and your guests. If no alternatives are available, be sure to talk to your DJ and understand the possible impact of these types of setup scenarios on your event.

Also be aware that additional sound equipment, speakers, and reinforcement may be needed to account for these kinds of setup scenarios, and these may incur additional charges.

With just a little bit of communication and a proactive approach to planning, you can work with your DJ, and your venue staff to help ensure that your DJ is able to provide the best possible entertainment for every part of your event.

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