Sacramento Wedding & DJ Costs

Sometimes it can be hard to know how much to budget for different aspects of your wedding, let alone for the entire wedding itself.  Chances are you’ve already had to adjust some of your initial expectations and ideas when it comes to budgeting for certain things, and if you haven’t had to already, trust us – you will before you’re done!

However you came up with it, you probably had a number or range you wanted to stick to when you started your planning.  Sometimes though, it’s hard to know if these budgets are realistic as a whole, or when it comes to certain vendors, or services.

It’s important when considering each and every aspect of your wedding to make sure that your financial expectations for vendors and services are realistic for the area you are in.

If you have a budget set for a certain category, service, or vendor that is not realistic, you may find yourself unknowingly searching for and/or ending up with services or vendors that are sub-par, and your event, including the overall experiences of you and your guests may end up suffering because of it.  These vendors may be newer and less-experienced, or they may be cutting corners in the way they run their business, or in the type and quality of services they offer.  We know it’s important to you that you find vendors that are not just hobbyists, and who are professionals in the way they conduct themselves, the way they run their business, and most importantly, in the way they service their clients.

So what’s the kicker in all this?  You guessed it…  Professional vendors charge professional rates for their services!  It does seem obvious, and you might even be thinking “no, REALLY?!”   But let’s be honest with ourselves.  As obvious as it seems, it isn’t always something we really want to remember when we’re the ones footing the bill, is it?  That we’re going to pay a little more for higher-quality, professional service providers can be a harder pill to swallow if we’re stuck in the mindset of “the lowest price” is the “best deal.”  We know this isn’t really the case when it comes to most things in life, and wedding vendors are no different!

So what do you do now?  Well, it’s time to see if your preliminary budget, or the one you’ve been operating on so far, is realistic for our area.  Think of it as a Wedding Budget Reality Check!

Here is a great site showing average wedding costs across the country.

It’s important to note that these figures are based on actual couple spending in each area, and not just on vendor or venue prices.

So what does it say when it comes to spending trends for Sacramento wedding DJ’s?

When we run it for Placer county, where we are based, we find the following breakdown:


Average Cost Spending for Well-experienced Professionals
DJ $621 – $1,035 $1,242 – $1,656+

We can see that pricing for well-experienced DJs and entertainment professionals doesn’t have to break the bank, and when we keep in mind that this is an investment in the success of your wedding, these figures seem very reasonable indeed!

It’s important to remember the real role a true entertainment professional plays both before and during your wedding.  They wear many hats and make many investments in time, money, effort, training, and planning before your wedding so that what you see and get during your wedding is exactly what you wanted – and so much more.

It’s because you want to ensure the success of your wedding celebration for yourself, your family, and your friends, that you want to be sure your budget expectations are realistic.  This is true not only for your wedding entertainment, but for every aspect of your wedding day.

If you haven’t already, check out our Packages page to see our all-inclusive ceremony & reception offerings.  We’re sure you’ll agree that we’re a great value all around!

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