Our Dance Theory

People often ask us “How do you encourage people to dance, or try to get them dancing?”

This is a question you should always ask any service you are considering hiring for music for your event.

Our answer is simple: With music!

Our presentation style is essentially low-key when it comes to “mic-time.” We prefer to let the music do the talking, and we get everyone on the floor and dancing by playing the right music for your crowd.

How do we know what “the right music” is?  We determine this in two ways:

During our pre-event planning, we go to great lengths to find out about not only your preferences, but those of your guests as well. By providing you with “Must-Play,” “Play-if-Possible,” and “No-Play” lists, we gather all kinds of particular songs, and general guidelines about what kinds of things will be best for you AND your guests. That, and we give you a sortable and easy-to-read database of our entire music library to select songs from.

Encouraging Requests from the crowd. Subtly throughout your event, we solicit requests from your guests.  We let your guests know that this celebration is about them and what THEY want to hear – NOT about what we want to play!  Getting everyone involved in the action and giving everyone something to dance to is the best way to ensure people have the best possible experience.

We never resort to cheesy or embarrassing (for us or you!) gimmicks or routines to get people involved in dancing. You could say our approach could be summed up as “Play it, and they will come!”

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