Music Subscription Services for DJs – Why they matter to YOU

Here is a cool post from our Music Subscription service from their Facebook page on the benefits of having a music service to help with keeping a music library up-to-date.

The article is written to explain some of the benefits of these services to DJs, but we wanted to share it with you because we think it makes some great points about some of the differences between professional DJ providers who use these types of services and other, less professional providers who don’t.

Many (not all, but many) DJ services and DJs who don’t pay for music subscriptions download their songs illegally, or purchase them from illegal sources, or get files shared from friends and other shady DJs, etc.

We know this may not seem like a big deal on the surface.  You might think “its ‘just’ music right?  Sure, he may be stealing it, which I don’t support, but how does it really matter for MY party or wedding…?”  If you think about it though, there are lots of pitfalls here that could affect YOUR event when hiring these types of services.

Quality – Even across legal purchasing music sites and services, the quality of the music files themselves can vary and come in different formats, and sample (“bit”) rates.  And that’s LEGAL sources.  Now think about songs the DJ got off a file-sharing site on the web. How do they know that the files they have are 1st generation “copies” of the original lossless files and haven’t been degraded by multiple compression runs or encoding across different formats?  How do they know there weren’t any errors (pops, clicks, distortion, dead-air) etc. in some of the files they downloaded.  If they’re illegally downloading gigs of music at a time, or buying a hard drive full of tunes, should we really believe they are conscientious enough to LISTEN to EVERY track they downloaded to make sure they are okay?  Not likely.

DJs who use professional subscription services are able to deliver consistent quality in the highest-quality formats available for all of their current music.

YouTube is NOT a music store – ’nuff said.

How Current? – How current can these providers stay music each and every month?  Are they likely to have the songs you and your guests want at your event?  Will they have them BEFORE they have topped the charts?  Probably not since keeping up with the charts is how they are likely to do their updates.

How Clean? – A lot of music, especially hip-hop and urban tracks contain explicit content, “foul” language, etc.  How confident are you that all of the selections they have are CLEAN (radio-friendly) edits?  Not all legal online avenues carry clean versions of every song that they get before it has charted.

How many Genres? – How many genres can they stay relevant on?  Even a great DJ with an incredible passion for music can only keep their “ear to the ground” for everything happening across all the relevant musical genres that they might need for an event.  You may get a DJ who specializes in (or just likes) hip-hop and House music, but doesn’t have a lot of Country.  Or vice-versa!  A subscription service is invaluable for helping providers keep their libraries current and relevant across DOZENS of genres on a monthly, weekly, and even DAILY basis.

All of these sacrifices above may mean you get a “better price” on a DJ – Most often, the real “bargain basement” DJs, or the ones charging the “best price” are providers who do not have many of the real-world business expenses that go into running a legitimate business, and the cost of maintaining a professional subscription service for music is one of those expenses that these DJ’s most often “go without.”  So while you may be getting a “better price” on these DJs, is it REALLY a BETTER VALUE if you have to risk sacrificing in all of the areas above?  And if a DJ is cutting corners on the MOST IMPORTANT tool he has, his MUSIC, then what other corners could they be cutting, and how could those potentially affect your event as well?

Just some things to consider.

In the end, go with a service that invests time and money into their business, and who takes steps to offer you the highest-quality musical library they possibly can for the enjoyment of you and your guests.

Here’s the article:

The value of a music service for DJs

by PrimeCuts on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 2:21pm

Most DJs subscribe to a promotional music service, like PrimeCuts, for their new music needs. However, some DJs don’t see the value in a music service. We’ll show you how a music service for DJs is worth considerably more than you think.

The actual cost of updating your music

Let’s use 25 songs a month as an example to see how much it really costs you in money & time for updating your music on your own

Cost to download 25 songs: $24.75

Cost for time spent researching: $48 ($12 an hour for 1 hour per week)

Cost for time spent downloading & tagging: $12 (1 hour a month spent downloading & tagging)

Total cost: $84.75

Number of songs you get: 25

Total cost for PrimeCuts MP3: $51.45

Total number of songs: About 200

As shown, with PrimeCuts MP3 you would get 200 songs a month, all tagged and ready to go. They show up in your mailbox–no need to spend all kinds of time researching. While most DJs don’t need 200 songs a month, it’s up to you which songs you put on your hard drive. You can even choose specific genres or songs to copy to your computer if you’d like. The whole process should take all of 3-5 minutes a week. The best part is you get at least 5 extra hours a month to work on your business. Now think of all the things you could accomplish to help make you more money with those extra 5+ hours a month. Not only did going the download route cost you more money, but you also lost time you could’ve spent to working to bring in more money for your business.

How did we come up with those figures?

Let’s say you only download songs that chart top 10 for Pop/Top 40 and songs that chart top 5 for a few other formats (maybe a few Country, Adult Contemporary and Urban—or whatever genres you use the most). For estimation purposes, we’ll say that adds up to 25 songs a month. Pricing amongst downloads varies, but we’ll go with $.99 each. So, that comes out to $24.75 a month.

Now, how will you determine what to buy? Well, you’ll need to spend some time looking at the charts. Since they change from week-to-week, you’ll probably want to check them weekly to make sure you don’t miss anything. Let’s say you’re pretty fast and can look at the charts in about an hour to figure out which songs you need. That’s 4 hours over the course of the month.

Once you’ve determined what songs you need, you spend another 10 minutes downloading. That’s about 40 minutes a month. After you’ve downloaded the songs, you’ll need to edit their ID3 tags to fit your needs. That’s about another 5 minutes a week. So between downloading and tagging, there’s another hour a month.

So, you’ve spent 5 hours a month downloading your music. How much do you think your time is worth? Let’s shoot low at $12 an hour. That means you spent $58 worth of time on your music. Add to that the hard cost of the songs, and your cost is about $84.75 a month. What did you get for your $84.75 a month? 25 songs….and a lot of time lost that you could’ve spent focusing on bringing in more business.

Save time, make more money for your business…subscribe to a promotional music service for DJs like PrimeCuts!

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