Desiree & Joaquin Mora – Brown’s Valley Wedding

I knew Joaquin from both his work, and from my daughter’s elementary school.  I have volunteered my DJ services every year for the school’s father-daughter dance, and our daughters have been in school together since kindergarten, so Joaquin knew I had the tools to do the job right.

He mentioned that he was going to give my info to his fiance and that they were planning a wedding and had chosen a venue.  So I was stoked.  Always cool when you can make a special occasion even better for someone you already know!

I had never met Desiree however, until our first consultation.  They were both tired that evening and the day had put them through the ringer, but they quickly came to life as we were discussing their ideas for their wedding, and how I could help.  They decided right then and there that we’d be working together!

As time went on, and in our planning consultation, we discussed all kinds of cool ideas and things Desiree was going to have for the wedding.  She didn’t get all of them in there, but it was a blast hearing the ideas.

They came with all kinds of creative ideas for their wedding ceremony & reception based on things they had seen and heard, and based on things they had seen and heard at other recent weddings they had been to.  From these other experiences, they definitely had an idea of many things they DIDN’T want at their wedding too – which is awesome!

The wedding was at Willow Creek Events in Brown’s Valley.  This is a beautiful venue, even if a bit of a drive.  Definitely scenic, and possessing a definite rustic charm.

I had the pleasure of working with Eugene Gavryush of Lixxim Photography for the first time, and Eugene is AWESOME!  Very down to earth and fun.  Personable, approachable, and great to work with.  Eugene is very flexible, and communicative, and is an awesome team player.  Definitely someone you can feel comfortable working with for your wedding!

The food was provided by Addy’s Paella who rolled up with two HUGE propane-heated wok thingies and proceeded to whip up the most fabulous seafood, poultry, and vegetable concoctions, and a great buffet spread to go with it!  Very colorful food, smelled great, tasted even better, and great staff to work with.

Now for the good stuff!  The whole night was intimate and emotionally charged.  Desiree and Joaquin already had several children, and had been together, so these two families were already more than comfortable and were already joined in all the ways that count.

Their ceremony was awesome, with Desiree’s son playing her processional on bagpipes in full Scottish garb.  They incorporated a sand ceremony and traditional Celtic presentation of the family colors to Joaquin, who accepted them graciously and proudly.

The ceremony was officiated by Desiree’s uncle David, and was emotional – and ran the gamut from hilarious, to heartfelt with tears of joy.

The reception kept things going strong with a lot of fun personal touches and a fun dismissal of dinner tables using songs.

The night went on with all of the youthful energy added by all the young ones and good times had by all.  Friends and family of all ages danced the night away right up until the last song.

Some cool personal touches included using windmills instead of bouquets for the bridesmaids, the inclusion of a handmade/painted Thumbprint Tree made by Desiree’s oldest son, and the altar was draped in strands of colorful origami birds, handmade by Desiree’s friend – HUNDREDS of them!

I’ve tried to pick out pics that really show the cool personal touches, and the emotion that ran through this awesome celebration.

My thanks to Joaquin & Desiree for having me be a part of their big day, and my thanks to the great vendors who helped make their event a joy to be a part of.

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