Cocktail Music – Setting the Mood

DJs are always asking each other things like “What kind of music do you play for cocktail hour?”


Which makes me wonder… should a professional DJ even have an “answer” to that question?

Seems to me that the only acceptable answer is “whatever my CLIENTS want to HEAR!” 

Some common answers are “jazz,” “ballads,” “Crooners,” and others.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are all fine choices.

Whatever the DJ ends up playing, however, it should be played because it’s what YOU WANT TO HEAR!

Not just because it’s “what they play.”

Don’t let your DJ treat your cocktail hour like a “throwaway.” Just because music serves as background during this time doesn’t mean it needs to be generic, white noise, or boring.

Most importantly, it should set the type of atmosphere YOU want your guests to experience.

Make sure your DJ brings up music selection for cocktail hour, because they shouldn’t “assume” anything. If they don’t bring it up, be sure to ask “what they play” during cocktail hour.

If they answer your question without asking YOU a question, they aren’t personalizing your celebration the way they should. That’s when you give me a call!

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