Fun Idea! Custom Wedding Mad Libs!

Custom-written Wedding Mad Libs were a HUGE hit at last Saturday’s wedding for the new Mr. & Mrs. Kyle & Casie Winneker! It was a hot one for sure at their outside ceremony & reception, but this fun activity was just ONE of the ways we kept their guests involved & entertained throughout the evening!Wedding Mad Libs Keep Your Guests Engaged, and Interacting!

When they were all filled out, the results ranged from emotional and heartfelt to moments of uproarious laughter!

What are Mad Libs?  Short stories or messages, only a couple of paragraphs long that have certain key words replaced by blanks.  Your guests then fill in the blanks with whatever type of word is called for on the sheet (noun, adjective, plural noun, etc.).  The results can be hilarious, and are always entertaining!

While my goal is to always let every wedding breathe naturally and not detract from the reason your guests are there to begin with (to share time with you and each other), there are times during wedding receptions where it can help to fill some time while actually fostering and increasing the interaction between your guests!

Some DJ’s prefer activities that make them more of a focus, and take guests’ attention away from each other.  My style definitely leans more towards encouraging involvement while still keeping guests involved with each other.

These wedding Mad Libs are a way to do just that, and are just one of the fun ideas I have to enhance your celebration for you & your guests!

Of course, you can feel free to borrow this fun idea for your wedding too!

BUT – how do we make the activity a REAL focal point at your event that everyone will remember?

Let’s incorporate them into YOUR reception together and find out!