Thanks to Lindsey & Philip for Choosing Sounds To Go!

Thanks to Lindsey & Philip for deciding to work with me for their 6/8/13 wedding at the Elks

Tower in Downtown Sacramento!  This will be my first time working at this venue!

My thanks as well to Lindsey’s planner, April Mosher from April’s Events, who recommended me to Lindsey.  April & I have worked together before, and I look forward to working with her again!

Here’s to a GREAT wedding reception!

It’s A Small World: The Power of Referrals & Reviews

It sure is a small world! A couple weeks ago, I met with April Mosher from April’s Events, who had recommended that her client meet with me to talk about DJ services, and they did decide to work with me for their wedding day on 6/8/13.

Last night I got a call from another really fun sounding bride who said she found me on Yelp, was impressed with my reviews, and thought I would be a good fit for her wedding celebration.


Things were going great on the call, and I learned about her plans and ideas for her wedding, and answered some questions about my services.

It wasn’t until we were talking about next steps and making an appointment that she mentions she is working with a wedding planner, who also happens to be up this way (her and her fiance live in the Bay area).

I ask who her planner is, and out turns out it is April! Needless to say, she was beyond excited when she found out that I have not only worked with her planner before, but that I am recommended by her, and will be working with her again the Saturday AFTER HER WEDDING!

That’s right, her wedding is on 6/1/13!

So if I end up with the privilege of working with this bride and her fiance as well, I’ll end up working with this same wedding professional two weeks in a row. Once because I was recommended by her and once again because of my previous awesome clients who took the time to share feedback about their experience with my service.

Obviously It’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a tiny bit of “look at me,” here, but my point is bigger.

I think this is a great example of the benefits of doing your research on the vendors you hire, and considering ALL the factors that go into making your special occasion an absolute success. Check out all the reviews and previous testimonials, and ask for references too.

Even there, there’s still a slight element of risk because you don’t know the sample size those reviews are actually taken from, and as much as it is embarrassing and sad to say so, there are companies out there, even if they’re the minority, who either provide client incentives for good reviews, or just fake them outright!

So HOW are you supposed to know?  This is the point of this post.

Take advantage of the vendors you meet with, and whom you have already decided to work with for your event.  THESE folks have all seen the good, bad, and yes… the ugly when it comes to other vendors in each category.  Benefit from their experience and knowledge and consider meeting with the professionals they suggest.  While there are friendships and networking relationships that develop between these professionals over time, the bottom line is simple:  A seasoned wedding professional is not likely to recommend another person to you just because (for example) their kids go to school together, etc.  They’re running a business, and THEIR reputation is on the line with each referral they give!

This is why it’s in their best interests to make sure you get exposed to as many other truly professional service providers as possible.  Not only does it make your experience and our reputation better when we recommend other services to you, but it makes OUR job easier, because we know we’re going into an event set up for success because we’re working with a team we know, and can trust to do their part as a team player in the name of making sure YOU have the best event possible!

Of course, my thanks to April and all of the other wedding professionals who have recommended me in the past, and continue to do so.

If you’re taking the time to read this, it’s obvious you are already investing in the success of your event.  Please take a moment to check out my favorite Sacramento wedding vendors if you’re looking for any particular service:  Sacramento Wedding Vendors.

Thanks for reading, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about DJ and MC services for your event, OR just want the inside scoop on any of the other fantastic Sacramento wedding vendors I am fortunate enough to have worked with, and have relationships with.

Take care!