Creativity Unbounded – Custom Edits in Your Wedding!

I don’t scream it publicly as often as I should, but I’ll say it here, and say it loud – I have THE MOST AWESOME clients!

They’re involved not just in their wedding planning, but in the creative process as well, coming to the table with GREAT out of the box ideas to make their wedding their own!  It’s so fun and easy to work with clients like this.

Michelle & Charlie, my wedding clients for this coming Saturday, are having TONS of cool, out-of-the-box elements in their wedding.  Some culturally driven (tea ceremony during dinner, etc.), and some just plain FUN!

One of the things that Michelle came to me with was the idea to do a custom edit for her processional during her ceremony.

She wanted to use “Dreams on Fire” from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, and needed to extend and loop the intro, but not in a way that would have been done seamlessly by just using cue points and loops live.

So by timing the processional at the venue during the rehearsal, we were able to get an idea for the amount of time we needed to cover, and I was able to quickly edit the file itself to allow their parents, and their wedding party, to walk down to a looped and mildly effected intro, to allow Michelle herself to walk down the isle right when the vocals started!

Check out this great selection, perfect for many different parts of a wedding celebration:


You Are My Waking Dream,

You Are All That’s Real To Me

You Are The Magic In The World I See

You Are In The Prayer I Saying,

You Are In My Two My Names

You Are The Faith That Make Me Believe

Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher

Passion Burning, Ride On The Path,

Once For Forever Yours

In Me, All Your Heart, Dreams On Fire,

Higher N Higher


You Are My Ocean Rage,

You Are My Thought Each Day

You Are The Laughter From Childhood Games

You Are Things Further Down,

You Are Where I Belong

You Are Make Me Feel In Every Songs

Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher,

Passion Burning

Ride On The Path,

Once For Forever Yours, In Me

All Your Heart,

Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher

Custom edits are very common during ceremonies, but are also used for things like intros, shortening long songs for special dances, musical interludes or segues, backdrops, and so on.

What kinds of ideas can you come up with for your big day?  Is there a song you’d love to walk down the isle to, but the intro is too short – or even maybe too LONG?  Would you love to share a special dance with someone special, but the song is just too long?

Maybe you want to really do something crazy and blend two songs together?

What kinds of ideas do you have?  Let us know!