Keep Your Wedding Guests Longer!

We know that everyone you’ve invited to your wedding is very special to you, and whether they are close friends or family, you want to make the most of your time with them, and make sure they have the best time possible.

But how can we do that if guests are prone to leave earlier on in the reception?  How can we make them stay longer or, even better, GIVE THEM A REASON to stay longer?

To answer that, we need to first understand who is most likely to leave a wedding reception “early,” and WHY.  Once we know these things, we can give them reasons to stay longer, and make the most of their time while maximizing their enjoyment of your celebration!

Generally, the folks who tend to leave earlier in the reception are either older guests, or guests with small children.

There’s no telling when folks might decide or start to leave, but it’s fairly common, and almost accepted as a matter of wedding etiquette, to wait to leave until after the cake cutting.  How can we use this in our favor?  Let us tell you!

There also ways to help make sure that guests with young children hang around for the fun as well.  We have tons of ideas!

Guests who feel involved, and who are being entertained, won’t want to leave when the DJ plays the last song of the night, let alone hours earlier!

If you’re interviewing DJs for your wedding, be sure to ask each of them what types of ideas they have in this area, and ask the for suggestions on how to maximize your guests’ stay and enjoyment at your wedding.  They should be able to rattle off several ideas & suggestions as easily as if they were telling you what they had for breakfast that day.  If you’re met with something like a “deer-in-headlights” look (“Umm, well…”), it might be good idea to keep on looking.

Or better yet, just call us!  916.223.4508 :)